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Our Menu


Marinated Olives $6

fresh herbs, lemon zest

Deviled Eggs $6

chive and creme fraiche deviled eggs with bacon jam

Baba Ganoush $8

crudite and house made ricotta

Duck Paté $11

house prepared, served with pickled radishes, cherry compote and toasted sourdough

Herb Goat Cheese & Tomato Ragout $12

whipped herb goat cheese & a side of our tomato fennel ragout, with toasted sourdough

Meat & Cheese Plate $18

duck saucisson, wild boar saucission, serrano ham

pata cabra, north-east spain, goat

pantaleo, sardinia italy, goat

ashbrook, spring brook farm vermont, cow


Haricot Verts $9

french beans, toasted garlic butter, balsamic

Zucchini & Mole $9

breaded, fried with tahini-goat cheese, chile de arbol chutney, roasted tomatoes

Chinese Eggplant $12

battered, fig sauce

Brussels Sprouts $13

portobello mushrooms, white wine parsley cream sauce

Carrots & Greens $14

grilled swiss chard, za’atar chardonnay glaze, pistachio crumble

Watermelon & Fennel $14

parsley, radish, cucumber, roasted tomatoes, honey-ginger vinaigrette


Salt Cod Fritters $9

edam, achiote oil

Smelt $13

twice fried with garlic tartar

Mussels $14

tomato-fennel ragout, blue cheese crumble

Scallops $24

pistachio romesco sauce, bacon-chive crumble

Octopus $18

braised, fried yucca, red wine watermelon, tapenade relish


Maltagliati $9

house-made pasta, ricotta cheese sauce, basil-lemon zest, black pepper

Sausage Pie $14

house-made sausage, puff pastry, banana pepper ricotta, tomato, white wine cream sauce

Braised Pork $16

curry butter sauce, lentil rice, broccoli rabe

Beef with Duck Demi $25

farro risotto, english peas, pea shoots

Orange Duck $28

roasted half duck, goat cheese polenta


Cookie Plate $6

coconut butter cookies sandwiched with italian meringue and vanilla creme fraiche

Cherry Custard $7

sugar crust and an orange zest glaze

Honey Panna Cotta $9

vanilla brown sugar crumble with cayenne spiced chocolate pots de creme

Our wine